Sunday, 3 July 2011

100 Things to do Before I Die

    1. Get on TV
    2. Learn to ice skate
    3. Put a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean
    4. Skydive
    5. Give a lot of money to someone in a poor country
    6. Write a book
    7. Eat something weird and exotic
    8. Spend a night at a "haunted house"
    9. Go on a pilgrimage
    10. Teach someone how to speak French
    11. Teach someone how to read
    12. Start a school in a foreign country
    13. Visit a country by myself without speaking a single word of the language
    14. Be lost in a forest
    15. Go on a year-long tour of America
    16. Sleep inside a tent
    17. Give a speech to more than 1,000 people about Islam
    18. Help someone convert to Islam
    19. Stay up all night talking to someone
    20. Learn to juggle
    21. Travel to Antarctica
    22. Climb a mountain
    23. Swim in the middle of an ocean
    24. Spend a night with a tribe in the Amazon
    25. Live in poverty for a month to know what it's like
    26. Ride an elephant
    27. Ride a horse
    28. Speak Arabic fluently
    29. Speak Japanese fluently
    30. Dive with a whale shark
    31. Go snorkling
    32. Visit an active volcano
    33. Own a parrot
    34. Spend a whole day in a jungle alone
    35. Teach English in a foreign country
    36. Stand at the north or south pole
    37. Go hiking in a desert
    38. Learn to speak in a funny accent
    39. Hug a random person off the street
    40. Give lots of money to a homeless person
    41. Go skiing
    42. Eat and drink only chocolate for a whole day
    43. Bungee jump
    44. Zipline
    45. Learn to drive
    46. Be alone on a beach
    47. Own a horse
    48. Own a giraffe
    49. Live in a flat
    50. Adopt a child
    51. Write a meaningful letter to someone
    52. Build a treehouse
    53. Go camping
    54. Live in a foreign country for a month
    55. Own a golden retriever dog
    56. Teach a dog tricks
    57. Read the Qur'an in Arabic
    58. Memorise the Qur'an
    59. Teach someone to speak Filipino
    60. Save a life
    61. Talk someone out of suicide
    62. Be published in the newspaper
    63. Be famous for something good
    64. Talk to a prisoner and change their life
    65. Learn to be a happier person
    66. Learn to say all the prayers correctly
    67. Sponsor a child in Africa
    68. Get married
    69. Shave my hair off for charity
    70. Have at least two children (make sure one is a girl)
    71. Adopt a child
    72. Write a bunch of confessions in a book then burn it
    73. Become an active goer of the mosque
    74. Tell my parents I'm Muslim
    75. Get contact lenses
    76. Get through Ramadan and actually fast correctly
    77. Have a wikipedia page about me
    78. Be famous as a blogger
    79. Learn to cook
    80. Be an examiner and give away free marks to students
    81. Read a foreign language novel
    82. Write an autobiography
    83. Start a social revolution
    84. Take pictures of me every day for a year and see the difference
    85. Learn to forgive
    86. Learn to speak Italian fluently
    87. Learn to make the perfect pizza
    88. Learn to make the perfect pasta
    89. Live in Italy
    90. Live in Canada
    91. Make a snow angel
    92. Be in a film/play/TV programme
    93. Go on a MASSIVE rollercoaster ride
    94. Visit a zoo
    95. Spend a night at the beach
    96. Memorise many hadiths
    97. Lie down in the middle of a field on a sunny day
    98. Get licked in the face by a dog
    99. Climb a tree to get a cat
    100. Become a better Muslim

    What are your list of things to do before you die? :)