Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Assalamu Alaykum.

Pork. Don't ask me why I like it - one of those things that tempt me from becoming a good Muslim. Sometimes, I awaken to the succulent smell of bacon in the morning. At school, the sizzle of the pork sausages being cooked tickle my taste buds. In the evening, pork meatballs with the spaghetti. I'm surrounded by it. And I can't help but eat it sometimes, albeit with an "astaghfirullah" afterwards.

Why is pork SO GOOD?!

That pork is haraam is one of the "rules" that I stumbled over before reaching the light of Islam. I often wonder why pork is haraam, but then I read an article about how pigs eat their own faeces and that they're generally dirty creatures. I suppose we wouldn't want the level of cholesterol and saturated fat in pork, not to mention possible salmonella scares, food poisoning, etc.

The only problem with it being haraam is it makes Islam difficult to "sell" or to introduce to non-believers who think that because Islam has this rule, it is suddenly "stupid", when, really, it has a good reason for it. If the body is clean, then so is the soul, this is why we make wudu before we pray.

I'm glad that God knows what is best for us. May Allah swt keep me away from pork temptation. Allah Hafiz!

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  1. Ameen.
    May Allah help you overcome this trial, and never forget the reward that comes with the sacrifice. :)