Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Be Patient in Adversity

Assalamu Alaykum.
"Be patient in adversity, for verily, God will not let deny the reward of the righteous."
- The Holy Qur'an, 11:115

Beautiful. This verse gives me the strength to face all adversity, and the patience with which I live my life. I hope that this verse helps you too. Life is not easy - we all know this. But with the help of Allah (swt), we will keep climbing insha'Allah.

A Muslim friend of mine once likened the rewards of Allah to two gifts, with equal values: one gift is a big box of challenges for us to face, and the other is in a small box, at the bottom of the bigger box. We open the box of challenges first, and only until we have emptied it can we see the box of rewards.

Just as every night is followed by a bright day, Allah says in the glorious Qur'an:
"Verily, with hardship comes ease."
May these quotes inspire you to become a better Muslim, as they have inspired me.

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